How to Install Java Games and Apps via Data Cable


1) Install PST Phone Manager and Midway
3) Open up PST Phone Manager and wait for it to detect all the drivers. There's quite a few and you CANNOT CANCEL OR JUST NOT INSTALL THOSE DRIVERS AND EXPECT PST TO WORK. When windows brings up the driver install menu for each device, select locate driver from specific location and then point it to the directory you installed PST into. For mine it was C:\Program Files\Motorola\PST. Then press next and let it do that for EACH DEVICE.
4) Open up your device manager (Right click your My Computer icon on the desktop and select Properties. Then go to Hardware and then select device manager in the middle of the window)
5) Make sure you can find under the Modems subcategory the device "Motorola USB Modem" if you can't then you have to uninstall the devices you just installed and then try again making sure that you install EVERYTHING.
6) After you see the modem device, right click it and go to properties. Then click on the "Modem" tab and keep in mind what the port number is. It should be located above the Speaker Volume scroll bar at the top. IT'S THERE, IF YOU DONT SEE IT, YOU'RE NOT LOOKING HARD ENOUGH, VERY TOP IN BLACK. Mine was COM3 so just keep note of this.
7) Now go to PST and go to FILE>NEW>KJava File (2nd column on the right down)
8) Go to Phone>Read (your phone should be connected still) If you get an error message that says "Phone not connected. Please connect and power up the phone." Don't worry that happens all the time...when the Motorola USB Modem device isn't there. Just quit PST, unplug your phone, and then replug your phone and then open up PST again. It should work as long as the Motorola USB Modeum is there.
9) After its read from the phone, you should see the previously greyed out button named "Enable/Disable Java App Loader Menu" turn clickable. Click on it and then let the program do the rest.
10) Now go to Phone>Restart Phone if you don't you might have some problems restarting don't forget. After your phone blinks in restart, close PST and unplug your phone.
11) Now click on the center button to access basic menus, settings, go to java settings, and in there the first option should be "Java App Loader" click on that and then it'll give you a notice, "Insert Cable now" which point you insert the cable.
12) Now start Midway, when it asks for the port, input what you saw and what I asked you to keep in mind earlier when we checked the port of the Motorola USB modem.
13) Midway only loads JAD files so use JadGEN to make a JAD file pointing to your JAR file.

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Delete Java Games and Apps From Your Phone


Simply delete them right from the handset.

On your handset, go to 'Menu' > 'Games & Apps' > Highlight the item > 'Menu' > 'Delete'

This is the best way to remove all necessary files and settings.

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