Deleting Media from Phone's Memory

Deleting Stock Pictures

Generally speaking, you're safe deleting most all of the files that appear in the /a/mobile/pictures/ directory. If you're memory size conscience, remove the screen savers (usually files ending in .gif) and any of the larger images to save room for other media. You have to at the very least leave one image in that directory at all times however. Some, you can make invisible by changing the file attributes to '02', but still residing in that directory.

Deleting Stock Ringtones

Hopefully, you're reading this as you're about to attempt to remove audio files. If you're reading this because you're trying to "fix" your ring details, see my P2K Ring Detail Fix or the PST fix at the bottom of this guide.

The safest method to avoid getting the dreaded Ring Detail "lock-out" is to first and foremost, change each and every ring mode (Loud, Soft, Vibe Then Ring, etc.) and then each sound option (i.e. Calls, Alerts, VoiceMail, etc.) to 'Silent'. Yes, I'm aware it's a pain, but it's worth it in the end.

If you are attempting to SEEM enable Vibe & Ring, do that first and upload the edited SEEM to the phone, then go back into that mode to select everything to 'Silent' as described above. This way, you won't get locked out of the Ring Detail for that mode later.

In P2K, navigate to your /a/mobile/audio/ directory and back all of your files up to your hard drive. You can do this by clicking the very first file that appears in the list, then use your mouse to scroll down to the very bottom of the screen, hold the 'Shift' button on either side of the keyboard, and click on the very last file, which will automatically highlight every file in that folder. Click 'Phone > PC' to download to your HD and specify its own folder. As a side note, I'd highly recommend taking screen shots with the files displayed in P2K so you'll have an image of the file's names, size, and attributes as well in the event you need to upload any files. The correct file attribute is what turns '~AlertFile009' into displaying 'Sounds of Summer' on your handset screen, and also locks down the file from accidental erasure.

Now that you've got your entire directory backed up and the file attributes noted in addition to setting every mode and option to 'Silent', you can quickly and easily erase away most all of the .MID, .MP3, IMY (iMelody), and .BAS (MotoMixer) files. I suggest using a media player such as WinAmp to preview .mp3 and .mid files on your PC to determine which ones you'd want to delete and which to keep on the phone. Make a .txt file with all this information handy in your back-up for future reference is also a good idea.

After you've deleted off the files you no longer wish to keep, finally delete the two .db files that also reside in that directory (warning: do not delete the .PAT file) named MyToneDB.db and TempToneDB.db, hit 'Restart Phone' and you're done. When you restart, you force the phone to rewrite those two .db or database files which contain the information as to which files are in the directory and what mode and options they're assigned to. This is why and where many modders are "kicked out" from Ring Details and can't modify anything. The phone cannot resolve where the missing files are, so it "kicks you out" of the menu altogether, much like a 404 error on the Internet.

Now, you can verify that all is well by going back through each of your Ring Details and making certain that you can in fact navigate through them and modify your settings and preferences.

Fix your Ring Details with PST

Note: Do not contact me to find or how to troubleshoot connecting PST

Start up 'Phone Programmer' from PST and connect your phone via USB data cable to connect.

Create a new 'Feature File' by going to File > New > Feature File and then clicking 'Ok'.

Download the current information from your phone by clicking from the toolbar Phone > Read or just pressing Ctrl+R on your keyboard. You'll quickly notice the top half of the screen are the five Ring Details; Loud, Soft, Vibrate, Ring & Vibrate, and Silent. Set each of the attributes you see to '0', and then write that information back to your phone by going to Phone > Write from the toolbar or Ctrl+W from your keyboard. Restart your phone, and you should be able to navigate through your Ring Details like before.

Please note, if you're SEEM enabling Vibe & Ring as a Ring Detail, this option will not appear in PST. You would need to flex your phone again, enable the option as a SEEM edit, set everything to silent through the handset, and then delete off the ringtones in P2K as described earlier in this guide.

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