"Blue Jacking" How-To

So, now we know that information can be transferred to devices within a small area. What can be done? Well, blue jacking is when you create a message as a name within your phone book. The phone book entry could contain a message such as 'Hello, I like your Shoes'. next you then search for any other Bluetooth devices. If you find a device, then you can send your phone book contact containing your message to this device anonymously. Follow the steps below for your basic blue jacking guide:
  • Create a new phonebook contact containing your message 'I like your Shoes'.

  • Find a busy location (on a Bus, Train, Cafe Bar). The busier, the more likely you are to find a Bluetooth enabled device.

  • Select your new contact name and send via Bluetooth.

  • Your device (mobile) will now search for any other enabled Bluetooth devices within a 30 foot range. Your phone will then list all devices found. Sometimes the devices can contain information relating to the model.

  • Now select one of the listed devices for your contact info to be sent to.

Blue Jacking Ideas

Send people contacts like Phil McCrackin, Ben Dover, and Come Hither. (Toez Tip : you can also just use an email address.)

Another site for info is bluejackers.co.uk.

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